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Whiskey Tasting Brooklyn - Stillhouse

FRI, MAR 18, 2016 AT 6:30 PM De Wine Spot: Van Brunt Stillhouse Tasting De Wine Spot, Brooklyn, NY We are tasting “American”, “Rye” and “Single Malt” Whiskey, all locally destilled by VAN BRUNT STILLHOUSE right here in Red Hook, Brooklyn, New York. Additonally we will offer a taste of their “Due North Rum” crafted […]

A Lot Goes Into The Flavor Of Your Favorite Whiskey

When it comes to making whiskey, are there woods other than oak that can produce successful results? originally appeared on Quora the knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights. Oak (especially American White Oak) is far and away the most common type of wood used for making whiskey. However, it is […]

How did the Japanese whiskey industry develop?

There are several questions our readers wanted to find out about Japanese Whisky. Below you will find answers and history behind it. How did the Japanese whiskey industry develop? When and why did they decide to become a major player in the worldwide whiskey industry? Did they mirror the Scottish approach or develop their own […]

Things you didn't know about whiskey

These days, you don’t have to go far to find a bar that serves exactly what you’re looking for, especially when it comes to whiskey—scotch, bourbon, rye, Canadian, whiskey from Japan or Australia or California. Whiskey is distilled today in at least 23 countries,. Needless to say, this spirit is a huge deal, enjoyed by […]

Beer in a shot: Whiskey tastes of Brooklyn brew

It’s Irish whiskey — from Brooklyn! A new whiskey appearing in Brooklyn bars this week combines the best qualities of a Clinton Hill-brewed beer and a classic Irish whiskey. The new Jameson Caskmates Kelso Pale Ale Edition was a random experiment that started as a whim, says the brewmaster of Kelso Beer Company. “We have […]

Glenlivet 18 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Distiller: Glenlivet Distillery Owner: Pernod Ricard Region: Scotch Category: Speyside Approximate Price: $85 “Smooth and velvety, with a firm foundation. Sweetness is immediately followed by a tantalising burst of spices and bitter oranges drying out on oaky notes.” – Glenlivet Distillery Distiller’s Description The Glenlivet 18 Year Old is the perfect expression of age and […]

6 rules for hosting the ultimate whiskey tasting

Wow your whiskey-loving friends with a bespoke tasting experience. Scottish-born whiskey expert Nicholas Pollacchi spent years as a brand ambassador for big name companies like Macallan and Highland Park. He would often host tasting events for corporate clients and whiskey enthusiasts, but he found that while the tastings were fun, they didn’t accurately reflect consumers’ […]

What Makes Vintage Whiskeys Worth Thousands Of Dollars

Whiskeys aged for over 30-40 years or more can get pretty expensive. Bottles of selected brands such as Glenfarclas 1955, 50 years old, Glenfiddich 1937, or Dalmore 62 Single Hiland Malt Scotch can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Macallan 194, 64 years old, is the most expensive whiskey in the world, setting the record […]