Recent law changes have made it increasingly easier for entrepreneurs to open their own distilleries within NYC’s borders, leading to an influx of great locally produced spirits. In addition to a handful of excellent wineries, NYC residents have an opportunity to try handmade spirits and wine than have been distilled (sometimes literally) right down the street. Here’s our list of the Best Distilleries and Wineries in New York City.

Distilling Company
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

NYDC produces two amazing gins (including the game-changing Dorothy Parker American Gin) with a whiskey made from local grain scheduled for release this year. You can have cocktails served at the Shanty, their full service, rustic-modern bar right next door with a glass window for looking right into the distillery floor. You’ll have a chance at a free tasting at 3-5 on the weekends, or take their main tour to see how locally-sourced gins are produced. Website

Brooklyn Winery
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A staple of high-end living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn Winery is perfect for this list. Filled with reclaimed wood and hand-selected vintage adornments, the aesthetics here serve as an excellent place to enjoy the many locally crafted wines available. The 1200 square foot wine bar is great for large events like birthday parties and company diners, while also offering more intimate settings for a romantic evening. Add in the exceptional quality of a rotating seasonal menu, and the Brooklyn Winery becomes an excellent possibility for a day-long excursion. Website

Van Brundt Stillhouse
Red Hook, Brooklyn

Van Brunt Stillhouse takes a time honored traditional approach to distilling. Sourcing wheat, rye and corn directly from upstate New York farmers. Making every spirit from scratch in the waterfront neighborhood of Red Hook in Brooklyn, the newly redesigned tasting room is a great place to try specialty cocktails or start a rum and whiskey distillery tour. The Due North Rum is an absolute must-try while new offerings like moonshine and gin are set for production in the coming years. Website

City Winery
Tribeca, Manhattan

City Winery’s 21,000-square-foot space houses a wine bar, Murray’s Cheese bar, a wine-focused restaurant, and a stage for world renowned musical talent. The spacious interior is more mid-western than lower Manhattan, allowing you (and your wine) room to breathe; and though City Winery clearly courts the wine-buying elite, many wines by the glass sell for under $10. Structured tastings, winemaking seminars, and cheese courses, are just some of the outstanding events offered here. Website

Red Hook Winery
Red Hook, Brooklyn

Badly damaged during Hurricane Sandy, the Red Hook Winery has come back stronger, and tastier, than ever. This small operation located on a pier in New York Harbor carefully sources grapes from around New York State, with up to 15 different New York vineyards, creating as many as 26 wines per vintage, including Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Rose. Red Hook Winery offers a tour and tasting for $15, with your choice of five wines. Website

Greenhook Ginsmiths
Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Using a special vacuum method to distill gin at lower temperatures, Greenhook Ginsmiths produces flavorful, highly aromatic gins not seen anywhere else. Newly opened in 2010, the distillery began offering tours and tastings just a couple of years ago to patrons eager to try these award-winning gins. For those of us who gave up on gin long ago, this is an opportunity to get reacquainted. Website

Kings County Distillery
Navy Yard, Brooklyn

Founded in 2009, KCD is the first distillery to operate within the borders of New York City since the Prohibition era, producing corn whiskey, bourbon whiskey, and moonshine. You can embark on an informal, 45-minute tour of this fledgling micro-distillery where you may sample their distinctive award-winning spirits, including the popular chocolate whiskey. Website

The Noble Experiment
East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

You can expect good rum from a founding owner/sole operator whose childhood house contained a Prohibition-era speakeasy. The Noble Experiment currently produces Owney’s Rum, named after a Owen “Owney” Madden, a well-known Hell’s Kitchen gangster, rumrunner and nightclub operator. Tours and tastings cost $10 and take place on Saturdays at 4pm for this quietly up-and-coming distillery in Bushwick. Website

If you happen to live or visit NYC and interested in doing Distillery, Winery and Brewery tours please visit here – Website

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